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  • Elizabeth Buckner

To Martin

Martin, you always knew

when a leader shouldered

the cloak of the crusader

underneath he donned

the mantle of the martyr.

When you were stabbed

the blade came so close

to your aorta

had you sneezed

you would have died.

Did you feel the flutter

of archangel wings

protecting you?

When you marched

from Selma to Montgomery

did archangels stride

right by your side

matching you step for step

and wing for wing?

The night before

when you spoke of the “mountain top”

to the multitudes

your troubled soul finally more at peace

did you hear the wings of the angels

cherubim and seraphim this time

ready and waiting

flap and flutter at the temple shutters?

On that fateful day at the Memphis motel

did you go out on that balcony

to allow the angels

a better get-you-away opportunity

to provide your spirit with

a straight shot to heaven?

Martin, you always knew

when a leader shouldered

the cloak of the crusader-hero

underneath he donned

the mantle of the martyr

and, were you aware

of your angel wings too?

CC to: J. Christ, A. Lincoln, M. Gandhi, J.F. Kennedy, R.F.Kennedy, S. Biko,

S. Allende, Che Guevara, Malcolm X., Itzak Rabin

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